March 2014 Newsletter


March 2014 Newsletter

Bullied Heat Vans, Park Royal update.

Dear Visitor,

Hi, and welcome to our first newsletter of 2014 and to all our new subscribers.

Good news first, Our previously announced Bullied 4 wheel Heat van is now released and available to order here.....

Sure to prove as popular as our TPO & Luggage vans !.


I know a lot of modellers have been requesting further info on the Park Royals, and the latest info we have is that we expect delivery of the first batches to be around Mid May, so not too long to wait .


Kits and RTR quotas will be decided shortly, so if you have not already done so, then please contact us with your requirments to avoid disappointment.


Unfortunately our area bore the brunt of atlantic Storm Darwin on Feb 12th, which caused communication and structural damage , which has led to delays in current orders.


Every customer has been contacted individually and thankfully we are almost up to date now.


Happy Modelling



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