CIE TPO & Dutch EGV Vans


CIE Bogie TPO & Refitted Dutch Vans !

Brake Laminate update

Dear Visitor,

Excellent News with the official release of our full length bogie TPO van, ideal for those heritage rakes of Park Royal, laminates etc..., such a common sight on mainline and branch lines from the late 50's until eventual withdrawal in the early 1990's, order yours here !

And if that is not enough to  be getting on with, finally a smooth running, accurate, Refitted Dutch van to run with all your Irish Bachmann Mk2A coaches, full details here..., no excuse now not to remove them from their boxes and get them on your layouts with an egv to complete the rake .

Both these models we have been supplying to our offline customers for some time now and have been very well received, finally they are available through our webshop also.

Brake Laminate update

The factory has told us that the earliest available production slot is late this year, so we would hope to have them available to order then.

We would never ask for payment up front until then and until we have the actual full production castings in our hands , so we will update you on availability and ordering in due course, to do so would be unfair...

You can of course register your interest in these brakes, and your interest will be noted

IFM have had to move the release date of the 1429 series laminates back into 2017, as a result,  updates in due course.

Happy Halloween to all our customers and friends.

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